About Us

About Us

 Filsan Joint Stock Company was established in 2002, in order to meet the deficiency in trailers’ spare parts which was found out as a result of the demands that came from the sector and as a result of the researches that was conducted by our company. 


Since the day it was established, has taken provided agency services for the world wide known trade marks and thus, has managed to have a wide range of products and has also managed to have a large stock of those products. This, in turn, has brought admiration of its customers.

            Filsan Company, beginning from 2008, has developed its organizational structure. Thus, now, Filsan Company also provides services for spare parts of vehicles such as busses, lorries and tow-trucks.           

            Filsan Company, feeling the power obtained from its experienced and specialized staff and from our honorable customers, follows the developments in its own sector, thus, it does not only widen its product choices, but also it experiences the rightful pride of introducing the sector with a new trade mark.           

            In this, framework, we would like to introduce you our new trade mark: 3F BRAKE SYSTEMS. This new trade mark was developed by us by closely following the sector. Another group of products, whose absence in the sector is felt, is Calliper Repair Team Product Group. This product group find its place especially within the brake systems of middle and heavy trade vehicles. We are proud of presenting you such a product. We, by means of the caliper Product Catalogue, aim to help our business partners to obtain their targets in the easiest way.

We thank our honorable trade partnersö who have rapıdly brought our 3F trade mark to upper levels.


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